MRS Showcases Aspen Breast at NCoBC 2014

March 17th, 2014

Mammography Reporting Systems (MRS), the leading provider of breast imaging tracking and reporting systems, unveiled its next generation software solution, Aspen Breast, at this year’s NCoBC conference. Aspen Breast software, which is on target to be released for commercial distribution in Summer 2014, is a completely re-imagined and re-engineered product that combines over 27 years of industry experience and marries that experience with the latest software technologies.

MRS has spent four years, nearly 100,000 man-hours, and millions of dollars in R&D to build a product that meets the needs of its customers, and the industry as a whole. Out of the box, Aspen Breast is loaded with many powerful tools specifically designed to streamline breast imaging facilities’ workflow and raise the benchmarks for the breast healthcare reporting and tracking industry. Aspen Breast is a feature-rich system with robust role-based functionality designed to optimize facility operations.  The highly detailed level of control over all aspects of the program allows users, sites, and systems to build their own customized workflows.

Aspen Breast Delivers:

  • A Contemporary User Interface with tabbed browsing and intuitive navigation
  • The Latest Technologies utilizing Microsoft .NET, WPF, and the latest programming languages
  • Robust security and auditing internally build on the power of Microsoft Server and SQL Server
  • Workflow configurations can be individually customizable through system, site, and user settings
  • Rapid ROI from add-on pieces, such as the web patient and referring clinician portal (Secured AccessTM)
  • Enhanced productivity tools designed to promote efficiency and effectiveness with lower operational costs
  • The consistent safety and reliability which is the hallmark of all MRS products

“Aspen Breast is the greatest product we have created.  Through the whole period of design, development, test, and even before, we have listened intently to many outstanding radiologists, technologists, administrators, and IT departments from all over the world who use MRS 6 and MRS 7.  From the beginnings of the Aspen project, we wanted to give those breast imaging professionals a product they wanted – and deserved.  With Aspen Breast, I believe we have achieved that,” said Mark Morris, President and CEO of MRS.  “I also must congratulate – and thank – the outstanding and dedicated team at this company (MRS) that develops, tests, sells, trains, and supports our products.  Every individual on our team has been intimately involved with the development of Aspen Breast­­­, and I could not be more proud of them and the visionary product they have developed.”


Mammography Reporting System’s MRS7 Receives Mammography Information System Category Leader Award in 2013 Best in KLAS Report

January 30th, 2014

Mammography Reporting System (MRS), the market leader in Mammography Information Systems for breast tracking and reporting solutions, today announced that healthcare technology research firm KLAS® has recognized MRS as the 2013 Mammography Information System Category Leader in their 2013 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report.

The annual Best in KLAS: Software and Services report rank the top-performing vendors based on direct feedback from healthcare providers. Feedback is compiled from surveys of healthcare executives and administrators, physicians, nurses, and interdisciplinary clinicians regarding their approach and experience using each solution. The rankings honor vendors who best meet their customers’ needs when it comes to high-quality products, ongoing service throughout the product’s lifecycle, and superior customer experiences.

According to the 2013 report, Mammography Reporting System’s newest software version, MRS7 Reporting, was touted by customers as, “Easy and efficient for our mammography team to use,”- Manager, and “A good product that meets the needs of our breast imaging department.”-Director. Another facility commented that, “MRS has been an exceptional reporting system for us in mammography. It provides excellent documentation and creates a very nice, even workflow. The image tracking and reporting is excellent.” – Manager. *The above comments are selected commentaries that may not represent the whole of provider sentiment related to this product or service. Visit for a complete view

“We are honored to be recognized by KLAS as the Category Leader in the breast imaging reporting segment,” said Mark Morris, CEO of MRS. “Our team works continuously and with tremendous dedication to deliver quality software, interfaces, training, and support to all of our customers. This is a great team achievement, and on behalf of our team, I’d like to thank our customers for their comments.” Morris noted that in May, 2013, the KLAS Report, Women’s Imaging 2013: Measuring the Options, also showed that women’s imaging providers grade MRS as the top provider of Mammography Information Systems.


MRS to Showcase Montage Search and Analytics Integration at RSNA 2013

November 18th, 2013

MRS, will be demonstrating the initial results of their previously announced partnership with Montage Healthcare Solutions, a provider of search-driven radiology clinical quality analytics, at the upcoming RSNA 2013 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting.

MRS7 users can now utilize Montage Search and AnalyticsTM to mine the mammography specific clinical imaging, biopsy, and therapy information stored in the MRS system. The ability to correlate this structured and unstructured information with the patients imaging record will greatly enhance mammography quality improvement efforts, and the shift towards value-based imaging. A radiologist using Montage to uncover clinical information that facilitates imaging appropriateness, ensures patient safety, or aids diagnosis will benefit from access to the unstructured clinical narrative, as will managers looking to understand the relationship between imaging protocols, clinical findings, therapy, and outcomes.

“Breast imaging already receives a significant clinical quality scrutiny, from the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). Extending Montage Search and Analytics mining and analysis, to the unique information managed by MRS7, provides exciting opportunities for caregivers to further enhance breast imaging quality,” says William Boonn, MD, President of Montage Healthcare Solutions. “This will become increasingly important as radiology shifts from volume-based to quality-based imaging.”

MRS currently provides numerous breast imaging specific reporting, quality assurance and risk management tools that help facilities meet stringent MSQA and ACR accreditation standards. “We recognized that Montage Healthcare shares the vision of not only MRS but also our customers for continuous clinical quality improvement, whether mandated or not,” says Mark P. Morris, CEO at Mammography Reporting Systems. “We feel strongly that our partnership will enable our customers to more comprehensively manage their clinical quality improvement efforts, through not only the existing MRS database reporting functions but also the sophisticated analysis tools included in Montage Search and Analytics.”

Please arrange to visit Mammography Reporting Systems in booth 2402, or Montage Healthcare in booth 1905 at this year’s RSNA 2013 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting.


MRS Employees Log Over 27 Million Steps in Summer Fitness Challenge

September 25th, 2013

MRS (Mammography Reporting System Inc.), a nationally acclaimed medical software EHR company, recently completed a Summer Employee Fitness Challenge to promote employee wellness and healthy habits. The 43 participating employees accumulated an aggregate 27.3 million steps, climbed 58,700 floors, and logged 12,572 miles over the 9 week challenge.
The challenge was a fun and collaborative program that encouraged employees to get out and get active. Using Fitbit activity trackers to record individual activities, employees tracked four metrics:

• Steps taken per day
• Floors climbed
• Miles walked or ran
• Very active minutes per day

MRS team members achieved phenomenal results with several employees going above and beyond their fitness goals, including six employees who each logged over 1 million steps each. Many committed to incorporating wellness techniques into their permanent routine. At the conclusion of the challenge, MRS employees logged a staggering 27.3 million steps, 58,700 floors, 12,572 miles, and 105,000 very active minutes. This is the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest 20 times, walking halfway around the world, and being highly active for 1,758 hours.

In order to promote employee wellness, MRS gave each of its 45 employees the opportunity to use company provided Fitbits to track and record steps and activity levels. MRS also offered incentives on a tier-based system for those who average 7,500, 10,000 and 12,500 steps a day. Incentives were also given to participants who recorded a 35% improvement in daily steps from the first 15 days of the challenge. The current activity statistics were listed on a web-based company forum hosted by Fitbit, where users can compare statistics and post discussion threads, which helped to cultivate much higher levels of camaraderie. MRS also engaged Melanie Machado, RD, CD, from pacificnutritionwellness as a guest presenter to promote healthier nutrition.

The results were staggering, according to Mark Morris, the President/CEO of MRS. “I have never seen such a positive impact on team members. I have received many comments in person and in letters & emails from our team thanking both me and MRS for the Challenge. They told me that the increased activity level positively impacted their marriages, kids, health – you name it.” While set up by the company, organic interaction between employees increased throughout the 9 weeks, and built a happier, more cohesive group. “Final statistics aren’t yet available, but it also was clear that in the aggregate, our team lost hundreds of pounds of body weight as well. Many employees found that the increased activity levels lowered their blood pressure and blood glucose levels. It has been a phenomenal success.”

One study undertaken by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge Louisiana correlated increased levels of daily steps reduced the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, low levels of HDL cholesterol and high levels of triglycerides. It’s not a surprise that workplace wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country, particularly as employers attempt to leverage a healthier employee population into results that include increased productivity, decreased stress, lower health insurance costs and lower absenteeism rates for employees. All of these benefits appear to result in happier employees with reduced turnover.

MRS Ranked Top in Women’s Imaging Report by KLAS

May 30th, 2013

MRS (Mammography Reporting System Inc.), the leading provider of patient tracking and procedure reporting software for all breast related procedures, has earned the top ranking in the Mammography Information Systems (MIS) vendor category in the newly released KLAS report entitled Women’s Imaging 2013: Measuring the Options. The Women’s Imaging 2013 report is an independent overview of industry trends and advancements among key vendors conducted by KLAS, which is an independent research firm that is widely recognized in the healthcare industry.

In the recent KLAS report, MRS is described as, “Leader of the MIS market with solid performance. Reporting is touted as fantastic, including MQSA, critical results, and clinical reports.  Flexible, robust functionality for mammography-specific functions and regulatory requirements. Tracking patients for follow-up procedures and yearly screenings is easy with MRS.”

Along with this summary, the report also contains several positive reviews of the product from current users. One user stated, “MRS is a very strong company that gives us excellent service. They are small, so we get a lot of attention.” Another user stated, “We have had some pressure to switch, but there has been much resistance on our end because we love MRS.”

MRS is also highlighted in the key finding section. The report states, “MRS Increases Performance Gap- Overall, women’s imaging providers prefer using a dedicated MIS over a RIS for mammography. MRS is the strongest performer with v.7 adding new functionality.” The graphic below depicts how dedicated MIS systems rank higher compared to the RIS for Mammography.  Overall, women’s imaging providers prefer to use a dedicated MIS over a RIS for mammography.

“We are gratified to see an independent research firm with the stature of KLAS validate what we have been hearing from our customers:  that MRS7 is an outstanding product with a great feature set for breast imaging facilities.  Our entire team in Washington, Oregon, and North Carolina is proud that their hard work has increased the Performance Gap in 2013, as reflected in the KLAS ranking,” said Mark Morris, President/CEO of Mammography Reporting System, Inc.