Why MRS?

The best-of-breed in breast procedure tracking and reporting systems.


Safety is Job #1

Patients are never in danger of slipping through the cracks with MRS’s meticulous tracking measures. We integrate with systems such as RIS/HIS and digital workstations to guarantee that the radiologist is viewing accurate and complete patient information, reducing the chance of any errors.

Save yourself time

With our streamlined workflows, your process time for reporting procedures, collecting patient data, generating patient correspondence and statistical reporting are significantly reduced.

Make your facility more efficient

MRS promotes efficiency and effectiveness in any facility by offering features such as one-click reporting templates, synchronized systems, and paperless workflows.

Our solutions adapt to your needs

Whether your facility is a small, single-physician practice, or a large University research institution, MRS scales to your practice size. Our largest facilities have well over 600,000 patients in a single database spread over many facilities. MRS adapts to fit your specific needs. MRS understands the importance of delivering quality customer service and support, our technical support representatives provide timely, accurate solutions for your software questions backed by a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Patient care is what really matters

MRS was designed to promote quality patient care. MRS has many features that add value to the patient care process, such as comprehensive risk assessment models, problem-case patient lists, and genetic testing models from Myriad Genetics.

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