User Perspectives

MRS has benefits for everyone at your facility.


  • User-focused — developed with the help of radiologists who specialize in mammography
  • Saves time with One-Touch reporting for 80% of screening cases
  • Faster results to referring physicians and patients
  • Reliable — Finalizing reports while images are still available improves accuracy and decreases medical/legal issues.
  • Streamlined reporting with voice recognition, digital workstations, and RIS/HIS/EMR systems integrations.
  • Accurate statistical tracking for call-back rates, sensitivity, specificity
  • ACR licensed and accredited


  • Eliminates manual data collection
  • Timesaving elimination of duplicate data entry
  • MQSA Statistical reports easily calculated for facility and radiologists
  • Central database for all patient information
  • Automatic updating of all patient information

Radiology Administrators

  • Multiple options for matching clinic needs
  • Saves staffing costs through task automation
  • Saves staff time by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Faster clinical results turnaround
  • Faster results to patients
  • Exports for the NQMBC, ACR BCSC, and ACR National Mammography Database
  • Management reports for patient turnaround time, referring physician, zip code, and ethnicity for marketing purposes
  • Smooth-running interoperability of systems and vendors
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks like stuffing envelopes
  • Digitally stored results eliminate manual filing
  • Easy patient follow-up and tracking so no patient gets lost in the system


  • Fast and accurate lay language letters
  • Notify the patient of their potential high risk in their result letter
  • Eliminates the need to answer the patient history questions year after year
  • Lay letters available in multiple languages
  • Email and alternate address for easy patient correspondence.
  • Notifies the patient of their upcoming exams

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